Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two words: Gatlinburg, Tennessee!!!

in case you were wondering where i disspeared to the last 6 days, it was, well, you read it!

i had a great time hiking the smokies and doing fun stuff like dixie stampede!

of course it snowed for two days, but our cabin had a hot tub to soak in!

We ate at hard rock one day, which was awesome,

got ripped off by some riding stable that had a "no petting the horses" rule,
soaked in a hot tub in the snow,
raced each other on go karts (which i got 2nd place!)
had a picnic in a little grassy haven in cades cove,
rode a really scary skylift ride that had an amazing view at the top (where i got that pan pic)
crossed the mountains to little cherokee north carolina to shop for junk and go to a crappy dairy queen,
get dragged by two young boys to goofy china stops, (their favorite being the china bazaar)
went skating for an hour and a half straight and leaving when a creepy guy with two bodyguards showed up...
getting a carriage ride in cades cove and spotting wild turkeys on the trail,
taking endless pictures of the breathtaking views,
listening to a little brother complain when his ears were popping,
spending eternity deciding what to do,
enjoying the pleasures of cable for one of the few times in my life,
buying my belt from the leather shack,
eating a whole normal dinner with no utensils at dixie stampede (whole rotisserie chicken, soup, corn on the cob, pork loin, apple pastry, potato, and and a biscuit :D)...
and getting crappy service at a pancake house and watching those two boys ride an elephant ride!
and that, folks, was my my trip to gatlinburg!

in short, it was utterly amazing :)
well i have some stuff to do now, gotta check up on ki and diamondback, and got some people to text, so see ya!