Tuesday, June 9, 2009

wow. just. wow.

On Saturday, my mom confirmed that I would be going to Kings Island on Monday.

So, I stayed the night with Gabby on Sunday night, and Monday morning everyone piled into Joy's neighbor's car (because Joy's broke down) and we set off to the giant playground.

the first thing Bryce said to me when he saw me was, "what the heck! why are you coming to my birthday?!"

I said, "It's your birthday? oh. happy birthday!"

When we got to the gates and payed for preferred parking, i had to get my pass processed. It's a renewal pass, so of course it turns out that my mom threw out all the old passes but my dad's. i was prepared to fake cry that i grabbed the wrong pass. but i don't think the guy who did my pass was paying attention. he just checked it off, threw away the old pass, handed me my new pass, and asked me to sign.

Finally, after over a month of riding lessons and babysitting, i had my goldpass. i felt like screaming.

So of course, Diamondback was first. we waited a staggering 15 minutes to get on. i tried to ask the seater person for the front, but he shook his head. i got stuck in the middle. oh well, this time, at least.

after seeing my ingenious pose of acting like the snake was coming after me, i was sooooo close to buying it. the only thing that stopped me was the ten dollar price. i onlt brought 20 bucks of my own money and i didn't want to waste it. so i took a picture with my phone instead.

i know, it's blurry. but i'm on the left :)

beast in the front seat was next,

then vortex toward the front,

then Backlot (in line and off the ride in 9 minutes)

Then the swings just because we had the time

then lunch :)

After lunch we rode the viking ship twice and then we set off for son of beast. the guy in front of us was too fat for the ride so they kicked him off!

after SOB was flight deck, which was also in the front seat,

then delirium.

we passed advebture express and rode that in the front seat, and then we rode flight of fear in the front seat (holding our bags during the ride because we couldn't figure out the lockers!)

after fof was white water canyon, with 5 people (including a cussing todler) and 4 of those people smoking in line. it made me sick. after we got off the ride we wasted a few quarters on the tubes you get to soak people with.

after one more ride on diamondback because the wait was 10 minutes, we left at 4:30.

here is our last photo:


so, after KI, we went to bdubs for bryce's birthday. yum :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


school's out for summer and i'm going to kings island tomorrow!!