Friday, May 15, 2009

At school

I'm blogging. at school. in spanish class. ashley says hi! we have 10 minutes left in class and we can do whatever so i'm blogging. i can't believe it lets me on blogger! so ok, i'm gonna get off now :):):):):)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

School is SO overrated :(

Really, it is. the end of the year is coming, and i have a BAD case of summer-itis :(

Our exams are on the last three days of school. May 26, 27, and 28. Will anyone have enough brainpower to focus on exams when endless summer thoughts will be flying through their minds? No!

My English portfolio is worth 50% of our exam grade, and overall i've spent four hours working on it. I had everything saved on our computer. Guess what? My mom tried to do something with it last night and it crashed. So after two hours of trying to fix the computer, she finally figured out how to get it on "safety mode," and put my stuff on a flash. For that, I am forever grateful.

When you get perfect attendence for a semester, you can waive an exam. i've been trying very hard to not miss one minute of school so i don't have to take my geometry exam. it paid off. since i'm skipping it, i can keep my grade at a B and not worry about it!

Mr. Good's history exam is like 250 questions long, but we get to use all our terms and study guides.

So, I hope the end of the year turns out ok. after May 28 it will be nothing but 4-H and KI!

Sigh. The summer-itis pandemic has begun.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I've been listening to taylor Swift ALL DAY.
she's awesome.
Well, i don't know what else to say.I'm bored.
Good bye:):)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kings Island Opening Day!!

I was overjoyed to find out that I won the DB bid!
There was a catch. We had to be at KI between 6 and 7 AM to check in!
Groan. Sigh. Painful shutting of the eyes. sudden urge to sleep.
so we did show up at 6:11 AM, dragging the disgruntled and shivering Leslie, the over-excited Christina, the tired Gabby, and the also over-excited Gabby's mom, Amy, who was going to be late for a wedding just to get her ride on Diamondback. How dedicated!
After waiting in line for what seemed like eternity, i finally got my lanyard and my pass to be a first rider. they opened the gates and let everyone (first riders and freinds) in and we made our way to DB.
Guess What? More line waiting. I felt the worst for Leslie, who was in shorts, when it wasn't exactly warm outside. we had to wait in a line to get my T-shirt and my rider #158my sticker. We sat in the new Diamondback cafe for testing to be over. the cafe had a nice view of the splashdown, which looked terribly cold at the moment. When they finally called numbers 150-200, i was impossibly nervous. ever since my first trip to KI, the first ride was always AE (adventure express). Such a large coaster at 8 AM had me shaking from cold and nervousness. I put my hood up, despite my mom's comment of, "You really think that'll do anything?" i stood in line by a guy i didn't know, and a girl i didn't know behind me. when we finally got to the station (that i had never seen before), i knew i wouldn't be lucky enough for a front seat, and i was kind of glad, considering the fact that the coaster suddenly looked scarier in real life.
by the time i was at the top of the hill, my fears had vanished. i carelessly threw my hands up, not wanting to chicken out on my first ride. the first drop is... it's really tall, and steep, and fast, all at the same time. and it's not a slow, chug-you-up-slowly kind of hill. It's, "oh, you're up, you're at the top, here you go, you're over! Have a nice ride. Next!" After I processed the fact that i was on the first hill, i was already halfway up the second. It went by so fast; there was no way the ride was three minutes long. As it made its way toward the rear of the track, i desperately looked around for the camera. i needed to look at it straight in the eye with my excited face. instead, my picture ame out with me looking confused, looking for something. and so did my second picture.
when i got off the ride, there were lots of KI employees shaking my hand, asking me how my ride was, etc. the line took me straight to the picture booth and gift shop. the kid behind me was going crazy for it being so early in the morning. as a coaster junky to a coaster junky, i coversed with him about things like hills and airtime, etc. during this, in the crazy long line to get my picture, i heard two employees talking.
"Yeah, man, it's gonna be crazy."
"We'', we're opening the gates in 10 minutes to goldpass holders, so..."
I knew i wasn't going to see my picture in that time, so i jumped out of line back to diamondback.
"Hey, Where you going? Don't you want to see your picture?" he called.
"I'm...gonaa go ride it again. i can get my picture later."
The next ride, i rode with my mom, as promised, leaving Leslie all alone (which i felt HORRIBLE for that!). and dure enough, as soon as we got off the ride, the stampede came.
the resulting line stretched through every turnstyle, out through Nick-U, down international street, around the eiffel tower, and back to the beast. how long was that wait? 6 HOURS. i kid you not. we all laughed to ourselves and set off for the beast, the only ride open. (that didn't have a line ridiculously long)
after the beast, we rode Adventure express? i think that's what we did next. Christina took out her digital camera and got some great pics of us riding it. she has yet to post them on facebook. we rode Vortex, Firehawk, Delirium, Tomb Raider (Crypt), The KI Miami Valley Railroad, Invertigo, Diamondback (again, with an hour wait, because the line was then only to the sign:) And surprisingly, that's all we rode. our feet felt like they were going to fall off any second! we left at 7:30. the crowds were huge for opening day, and i figured i had all summer anyway :)
we heard some KI tourists, of course. "Man, that new one, it goes 98 mile an hour." (Cough, cough. 80.) and the beast, dude? Man it goes 79 mile an hour! (I think more like 55-60) that new one's drop is 300 feet tall, man! (Haha, try 230 hill, 215 foot drop.)
All in all, it was awesome!!! i've heard that when you ride DB in the back, you actually get wet in the splashdown! i shall try this when i get my goldpass!

Aside from that, my mile time today was 8:15! not that bad, for someone out of shape!
well, i gotta get back to my homework. math test tomorrow, english exam to finish :/
Adios. Hasta Luego.