Saturday, March 21, 2009

--Diamondback News--
Well the splashdown was drained for site work... i haven't seen DB testing in a few days. the webcam is actually showing up!

I'm so psyched! for one, Gatlinburg is coming up in a matter of and a half weeks, to be exact. when i get back from TN i'm getting my braces off, then i have my opening day at KI trip that weekend! sigh. i'm SOOOO excited. and i'm sharing the love so if you want to buy a KI ticket and come with me opening day CALL ME!! because so far only two of my friends can go and i want this to be a main event!! i want everyone to be able to enjoy opening day with me, because everone should be able to wait in line for 4 hours on OPENING DAY!!! ah. then i have my actual birthday the next day, but eh, compared to the day before that, my birthday will be like.... um.... oh well.

ummmm... facebook is down! whiiiiyyyyyyy?

anyway, call me if you can go

Emilee-ee :)

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